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In Planetarium a new and unique solar system will be forged from the swirling mass of matter that orbits its star. Players will take part in this creation, moving tokens to simulate gravity and the accretion of matter, crashing it onto planets that have begun to form. Cards will be played that evolve each planet in significant and varied ways; from scorching one into a barren waste, to transforming another into a potential nursery for life. Planets also migrate in their orbits, and each game ends with a completely unique system.

Planetarium is designed for growing families, science-lovers and hobby gamers. Simple rules combine with interesting and challenging game play. The thematic elements of the game have been developed with an eye on the science, led by a scientist working on NASA's search for life on Mars, and are complimented with stunning and original artworks.

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1 Game Board
4 Player Boards
68 Matter tokens
4 Planet tokens
4 Plastic stands
4 Habitable/Hostile tokens
52 Evolution cards
8 Scoring markers
36 Player markers
1 English Rule Book
1 French Rule Book

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Coming Soon: Summer 2019


Primordial, the first expansion for Planetarium, was recently funded on Kickstarter! Primordial adds exciting new astronomical phenomena to your games of Planetarium. Choose to add up to two new modules to the game: Epochs and Frost Line.

Epochs extends the play time of Planetarium by starting with a solar system in its infancy, and includes the Late Heavy Bombardment for a more epic experience.

Frost Line adds four pieces to the board that make up the frost line. This module allows High and Low Evolution cards to be played within or beyond the frost line to accrue Heat or Cold tokens. Heat and Cold tokens earn extra points but can be melted or cooled off cards when planets move around the solar system.